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Aftermath from first presidential debate stuns America

In the first ( and so far only ) presidential debate, Trump didn’t just win … he triumphed. The “mainstream” (aka, fake news) will undoubtedly lambast this triumph, but they won’t be changing reality, much as they’d like to.

Plus, FOX News just soared to the top (again) in the third quarter. Despite its periodically questionable approaches, the network, by in large, remains infinitely more truthful than the Communist News Network, otherwise known as CNN.

Nonetheless, real achievements ultimately constitute competence, and Trump resoundingly demonstrated his achievements despite constant interruptions or distractions from Biden and Chris Wallace.

For example, when questioned about his achievements regarding healthcare, Trump stated the rather obvious:

“Of course I have. I got rid of the individual mandate,” Trump said over Wallace as the moderator struggled to get his question out. “That is absolutely a big thing. That was the worst part of Obamacare.” [Source: The Daily Wire] 

In fact, Trump really had to fight Wallace most of all, considering that Wallace apparently decided to babysit Biden.

“In the last three years you have never come up with a comprehensive plan to replace ObamaCare and just this last Thursday you signed a largely symbolic Executive Order to protect people with pre-existing conditions five days before this debate – so my question is, sir, what is the Trump health care plan?” Wallace asked. 

“First of all, I guess I’m debating you, not him,” Trump quipped. “But, that’s okay. I’m not surprised.” [Source: The Daily Caller] 

Biden apparently needed help with just about everything, including a blatantly obvious attempt to avoid discussing policy: He turned to face the camera and implored the voters to vote for him for … no specific reason.

Voting for Trump, however, has far more than one reason, most of all the protection of constitutional liberties that the Democrats are bizarrely intent on destroying.

Oh, and Biden also managed to alienate diehard Bernie Sanders supporters by attempting to separate himself from socialism, though his “choice” of a rather rabid vice president isn’t very promising in this regard. 

“The matter of the fact is that I beat Bernie Sanders … By a whole hell of a lot.” [Source: Fox News] 

Wow. The Democrats really have learned nothing from Clinton’s arrogant dismissal of Sanders supporters in 2016. Biden should probably remain silent on that one.

What makes Trump’s success all the more remarkable is that Biden (or, potentially more accurately, Biden’s innumerable handlers) refused any attempt at integrity before the presidential debate. 

Biden abruptly reversed a serious decision, namely by refusing to be inspected for implanted earpieces (after initially agreeing to an inspection). He wanted breaks every thirty minutes, undoubtedly to seek “advice” that likely wouldn’t be remembered (accurately). On top of that, he managed to grossly sway the debate “moderator” Wallace in his favor, perhaps the cheapest tactic of all.

If that isn’t clear desperation, then it’s unclear how else desperation could be defined.

Fortunately, Wallace has been rightfully skewered on social media for his rather obvious bias in favor of (or pity for) Biden’s rather uninspiring responses. Among all the zingers online, Andy McCarthy is likely near the top.

“Biden doesn’t support the Green New Deal. Oh, Wallace got that out of him? No, Trump did. Oh, well, did Wallace clarify what’s parts of Green New Deal Biden is against? No, needed to move on … Chris Wallace jumps in a second time when Biden having trouble with Trump’s questioning.” [Source: The Daily Wire] 

Even more fortunately, anyone with a brain would realize that Trump is clearly the best positioned to lead the great nation of the United States of America, which more than one foreign power is recognizing; Australia just became the third nation to nominate Trump for the Nobel Peace Prize, which was surprising due to the nation’s generally very liberal approach to policies … though they are also feeling the effects now of a steady Chinese takeover. 

One of the greatest lines of the debate occurred when Trump crisply contrasted his political experience with Biden’s political experience, which is also 100% factual. In response to Biden’s pathetic comment about Trump being “the worst president that America’s ever had,” Trump sardonically, yet accurately, retorted:

“Hey, Joe, let me just tell you, Joe, in 47 months I’ve done more than you’ve done in 47 years.” [Source: The Western Journal] 

On that note, the second presidential debate cannot come soon enough.